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Helping Schools In Budget Crisis

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Oklahoma’s budget shortfall has negatively impacted education, and schools are re-evaluating their expenses. Administrators are being asked to outsource, “right size,” and tailor solutions to cut costs.  Standleys can help schools and universities in this difficult budget year by managing print operations, providing support, and handling processes—all of which can lead to additional revenue.


By managing a school, district, or institution’s printer fleet, our team can reduce costs by creating the most efficient and effective print behaviors. With Standleys’ latest document management technologies, school districts can increase the security of student records. Our services and software can lower print costs by digitizing and storing these records to make a paperless archive, allowing staff to access records quickly and easily.

IT Support

Standleys can save schools money by setting up and managing IT support at a lower cost than hiring and training a new employee. We can handle the school’s technology so administrators can focus on staff, students, and providing a better education.

Additional Revenue

By establishing a printing allowance for students, universities are able to manage an automated print process. Students are charged for extra copies, generating revenue to put towards other areas of need. Standleys can help universities implement and manage this process.

Want to learn more about how Standley Systems can help? Contact Cindy Wooldridge at cwooldridge@standleys.com or 405-574-1155.

Kali Mogg

Written by Kali Mogg

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