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SMB box - a great solution for businesses

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No two businesses are the same. Your business has specific goals and objectives. Whether your business is small, medium, or large, technology is important. It can make or break your operations and workflow.

Standley Systems offers technology solutions to meet your current and future needs and objectives. Our newest offering, Business in a Box offers businesses with seven employees or less a solution that is easy to deploy, fully compliant, and affordable. Call it an SMB Box - an all-in-one Server Message Block solution.

Easy to Deploy

The system comes with two main components. The first component is the network attached storage device that will operate as the server of the organization. It will store all files, backup files, and control the network.

The second component is the security appliance. It combines three different aspects; a business-class firewall, switch with Power Over Ethernet and acts as a wireless access point. The wireless access point is commercial grade and easy to set up. It will allow you to access the internet, remote users, and multiple VPN connections.

The Difference

Most organizations need a dedicated server, firewall, dedicated switches, and a backup system. That takes up a lot of space and is a huge capital investment. It’s a smaller version of those needs and allows up to seven employees to connect and work. This allows small businesses to have the capabilities to grow, secure their data, back up their data, and not break the bank!

Ongoing 8×5 MNS Support

Our Business in a Box system comes with the same quality of service that we are known for. 8×5 remote, phone, and on-site service. We delight in making our customers happy and driving change. For more information regarding Business in a Box, contact us today by filling out the contact form!

Kali Mogg

Written by Kali Mogg

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