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a spotlight on the women who set the foundation and those that continue to push the needle forward at Standley Systems

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As we enter March, the start of Women's History Month, we reflect on the invaluable contributions made by women to history, culture, society, and the workplace. Team Standley is excited to begin this month by honoring and recognizing some of the women who have played a significant role in the success of Standley Systems throughout the past 90 years. 

It all began with Fred Standley's mother, who owned a piece of land in Amber, Oklahoma. During the Great Depression, she selflessly traded it to help Fred purchase his first building, enabling him to pursue his dream of building a company to pass down to future generations. 

Tim and Greg Elliott's Grandmother, affectionately known as Grandma Standley, was a constant presence at the Fred Standley Typewriter Company office, providing unwavering support to Fred. Tim fondly recalls the sound of her voice answering the phone with a cheerful "Standley Office." Although back then our call volume wasn’t as high, she also diligently handled numerous letters from customers requesting service and supplies. 

In the next generation of Standley System’s leadership, Barbara Elliott, Tim Elliott’s mother and Carolynn Elliott, Greg Elliott’s mother played vital roles in raising the next generation of leaders. Barbara was an active Den Mother for 10 cubs in Boy Scouts. She was a loving wife and mother and made sure that there was always food on the table so that when the family came home, they could spend quality time together.  

Carolynn faithfully supported the growth of Standley Systems by managing the household and being a constant for her husband and children as well. Through Barbara and Carolynn’s faithful prayer, love and dedication to their families they played a vital role in raising Tim and Greg to become the next generation of leaders.  

Today Standley’s is blessed to have a strong team of women leading the way to provide cutting edge document technology services to businesses in both Oklahoma and Texas. Currently Team Standley is made up of 68 women across each department within the company. These ladies are strong, intelligent and a force to be reckoned. They bring unique viewpoints and skill sets to our team.  

We are so grateful to all the exceptional women who have played and continue to play a vital role in the success of Standley Systems. Your contributions are truly invaluable, and our team and community are immensely grateful for all that you do. We can’t wait to see what the future of business technology holds, but we have a feeling that it is Female! 


Rachel Redemer

Written by Rachel Redemer

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