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Zach Robinson Joins Team Standley As Business Solutions Consultant

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We are excited to welcome our new Business Solutions Consultant, Zach Robinson, to Team Standley! He will be joining David Seltenreich's team in our Texas office. Zach started at Standley Systems March 4, 2024, and has 10 years of experience in the industry bringing valuable knowledge and skills to this new role. 

Before being a dad, Zach spent his time taking his boat out, riding his motorcycle, and enjoyed riding four-wheelers on the weekends. Now that he has two daughters, aged 8 and 5, he spends most of his spare time lugging around cheer bags and chauffeuring children around. 

When asked what he is most proud of he said he is proud of being part of our organization and says that this opportunity is something that he has been working very hard to achieve. He also mentioned that he is the best boat backer that you'll find at any boat ramp, a skill that he has honed over 20 years!

Zach holds a BBA in Commerce from Texas A&M. He has also been professionally associated with the following organizations. Business Technology Association, BTA, a group that gets together quarterly to discuss trends and new things going on in the OED space, and International Business Products, Inc., IBPI, a buying group that leverages bulk buying to attain lower costs for its members.  

Welcome to Team Standley Zach! 


Rachel Redemer

Written by Rachel Redemer

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