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Disaster Recovery Strategies for Success

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Disaster recovery used to be something that was outside the realm of reality for most businesses.

However, in today’s world, a disaster can happen in many ways and can impact almost any business. A disaster can be a natural disaster – flood, hurricane, or fire – or a physical disaster – building collapse. Or, a disaster could be a major data loss or hack or theft. Unfortunately, in our modern environment, it’s essential to be ready for anything.

Why? You might ask. Why prepare for the worst when you don’t know when or if it could happen? The answer is: to save your business. In the face of disaster, almost 50% of businesses don’t survive. It’s worth some proactive action to save your business.

Where to Start

Start with security. Because so many of the impacts of a major disaster can be mitigated by security. For a natural or physical disaster, security takes on the form of protected cloud backup and online backup solutions.

For data loss or theft, staying ahead of risk management and protecting information can be the most helpful. One of the easiest ways to do this is to invest in managed IT solutions, which takes the pressure of data and information protection, action against potential threats or hacks, and other issues off the plate of your in-house IT team, and in the hands of professionals.

Disaster Recovery 101

Disaster recovery is easy with managed IT, and even easier with proactive backup solutions your team of IT experts will recommend, focused on prevention.

Make it Easier

With Standley’s, it can be simple and fast to invest in disaster recovery solutions, and now is the time to start. Let’s get you set up – contact us today.


Written by dcoatney

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