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Why you need a disaster recovery server

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Mother Nature constantly tests Oklahomans throughout the year, but especially during severe weather season. The time and expense caused by lost data can seriously affect your bottom line.  Is your business ready to handle a power outage, or worse, caused by a tornado, severe storm, or flood?

Standley Systems can help secure your data and keep your business running on schedule when severe weather strikes. We recommend a disaster recovery server (DR) to protect the vital information you need.

During a power outage, a disaster recovery server typically allows businesses to bounce back after only 15-30 minutes of downtime. The cost is money well-spent. Without a DR plan, a failed server or power interruption can require hours or even days of ordering new office machines or servers and transferring customer and company information.

Our technicians can quickly evaluate your business and information workflow and install a DR server custom-designed for your organization. The result is significant financial savings and greater peace of mind.  Using a disaster recovery server will give you more time to devote to your business and taking care of customers, and less time worrying about the effects of Oklahoma’s unpredictable weather.

We all know severe weather is coming and Standley Systems is already thinking ahead to help you weather the storm.

To learn more about a Disaster Recovery plan, contact Brad Blue, vice president of technical services, at 405-224-0819.

Kali Mogg

Written by Kali Mogg

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