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Big Fred At Career Tech

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Spring is in full swing and so are Big Fred events! This time Big Fred went to Career Tech in Oklahoma City on April 18 where Team Standley served lunch to the people who stopped by. 

Career Tech cultivates proficient and committed individuals who form the backbone of Oklahoma's workforce. Providing professional certifications and training for students from 6th to 12th grade, Career Tech equips Oklahomans for success in every facet of life. With hands-on experience, Career Tech graduates are sought after by numerous Oklahoma businesses for their exceptional skills and expertise. Their motto is "We're educating today to fuel Oklahoma's success tomorrow." 

We loved getting to see our clients and put faces to names. We can't wait to do more Big Fred events throughout the year. Stay tuned to see our next stop #FollowingBigFred. 


Rachel Redemer

Written by Rachel Redemer

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