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Benefits of Offset Printing

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The offset printing process uses a paper roll that is fed through the press and printed on. This is a different process from using precut sheets of paper to feed into the printing press. When offset printing is used to print pictures, the process uses a plate that presses against a layer of rubber before it makes contact with the paper, and this prints the image. The printing is offset because the plate doesn’t come into direct contact with the paper.

Why Offset Printing?

Offset printing may not be as practical for small-scale projects, but it is indispensable for large printing needs like publications and marketing materials. Creating a catalog, books, newspapers, magazines or brochures can all benefit from this fast and efficient way of printing. Offset rolls deliver a consistent result even when printing on an extremely large scale. And if the item itself to be printed is large, this is the best way to print so that the quality of the printed materials stays high.

Fast Printing

Along with keeping the quality of the printing high, offset production printing handles large printing tasks quickly. Using paper rolls means a high level of efficiency during the print process. This allows for far more productivity and for more projects to be printed with the printing equipment. It also means a quicker turnaround for customers, earning a good reputation for your business. Quick printing that keeps its high quality also means that you have the time to take on more customers and to get their printing done in good time.

Competitive Pricing

For large printing jobs, offset printing is one of the most cost-effective solutions. It gives you the most printing for your money, and it still keeps those results at a high level of quality. For businesses that routinely print large batches of printed items, it’s one of the best investments in keeping overall printing costs low.

If you’re ready to see all of the benefits of offset rolls as a printing solution for your business, contact us to find out more.


Written by dcoatney

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