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Benefits of an MPS Solution

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At Standley Systems, we understand the importance of your bottom line and long-term goals and objectives. We partner with our clients to develop a strategic print solution using our Optimize Managed Print Services (MPS) Program. Our purpose and partnership strategy is to transition our clients from a complex print environment to a simple, fully visible print environment that is easy to monitor, measure and manage. 

Market research indicates general office printing and related activities cost companies 1 to 6 percent of their revenue. By performing an in-depth analysis of your environment and understanding your business processes and workflow, Standley Systems logistically maps your entire print fleet. With your permission, we then install a simple, secure Information Collection Engine, which automates meter collection and helps us understand your device usage and volume trends. Once we complete our analysis, our MPS team develops a strategic plan to standardize and streamline your print fleet to produce the most efficient working environment.

Through the implementation of an MPS solution, our clients benefit from:

  • Printer fleet reduction
  • Hardware standardization
  • Reduction in print volume
  • Improved security
  • Control and accountability by establishing a roadmap and printing policy to improve budget
  • Control, lower and manage all print costs with predictable reoccurring cost structure
  • Free up IT resources to focus on mission-critical applications
  • Retain dynamic ability to meet user needs
  • Implementation of best practices and improved compliance

For additional information on how MPS can help improve your business processes and workflow, contact Greg Bilbrey, Director of Managed Print Services, at gbilbrey@standleys.com or 405.574.1144.

Kali Mogg

Written by Kali Mogg

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