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Behind the name, Big Fred

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Big Fred, it's more than just a cooking trailer. It's a bridge that connects us to community. A vessel to serve and fellowship with our friends, family and YOU our clients. 

Our leadership team began to dream about creating something that would encourage and create more opportunities for our team to stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients and friends to make a difference. We just wanted a way to cheer on our clients in all the great ways they practice community and thus, the cooking trailer was built. 

Once the trailer was built, we fired up the grills and jumped in. But something didn't feel right. The trailer needed a name. So, we turned to Team Standley to help us come up with a name. Then we took those submissions and settled on Big Fred as a nod to our founding father, Fred Standley. 

In 2022 alone, Big Fred traveled to 26 stops serving 4000 friends and clients around the state and even made a stop in South Dakota. 

Serving others was something that was important to Fred Standley, our founder. It was more than an aspiration, but something he based his whole business model around by providing exceptional service to those needing their typewriters cleaned and repaired. 

From our humble beginnings on Fred Standley's back porch, Team Standley continues to stay passionate about keeping not only your technology and business going, but each other. 

In fourth-generation, family ownership Team Standley feels blessed to be able to share in food and fellowship.

Tim Elliott, Co-owner and CEO says, "Looking back I was blessed to be trained by Fred Standley. He was always looking over my shoulder and I mean looking over my shoulder to make sure I was giving the best service possible as I learned to dig chalk out of the type on the keyboard sand platens, cleaning the type and oiling it back together. I think my grandfather would be really proud of where our team has taken the company and I'm grateful for the countless hours that I've had the pleasure of being trained up by not only my grandfather, but by my dad and uncle. It's been an incredible ride with family, friends and partners and I can't wait to see what more is ahead."

Looking ahead, do you or your organization have an event or way that we can partner and cheer you on? Some of the ways we've used Big Fred to cheer our partners on include:

  • Parades
  • Client Employee Appreciation Events
  • Fundraising Events
  • Teacher Appreciation & Sporting Events

Have an idea? Let's chat!

Kali Mogg

Written by Kali Mogg

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