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If your printer is more than a few years old, you may notice it doesn’t operate quite like it used to. It’s malfunctioning easily; it’s becoming a money pit; and it’s frustrating your employees. While your printer may have been a cost-effective option at the time of purchase, its ongoing upkeep may be canceling out your initial savings.

To run smoothly and efficiently, your growing business depends on reliable, quality equipment and processes. If the following describes your current printer and printing needs, it’s time to consider Managed Print Services (MPS) and upgrading your device.

It’s Difficult and Costly to Maintain

Older machines burn through ink faster and require more expensive ink than newer models. If your machine is really old, you may have a hard time finding replacement ink, and wasted time is wasted money. With MPS, you no longer have to worry about running out of ink or finding replacement ink. MPS eliminates the burden of managing your device or supplies by tracking usage and alerting us when you are running low on ink.

There’s also the cost of repairs to consider. Certain parts of your printer are so expensive to replace that a one-time breakdown may not be worth the expense (compared to replacing the entire machine).

You’re Printing Larger Volumes and Projects

Newer models are made to handle bulk jobs faster, without jamming or slowing down other employees’ print jobs. They’re also better for printing high-quality, image-heavy projects, including brochures.

MPS has the ability to deploy print analysis and rules capable of routing print jobs to the device best suited for the job.

The Quality of Your Print Jobs is Low

Inconsistent ink application on a page, warped lines and distorted images are all telltale signs your printer may be on its last leg or, at the least, in need of a little TLC. Check your ink cartridges, printer heads and for software updates before replacing.

More Employees Need Connected to the Printer

Some printers limit the number of computers that can connect to a single machine. Rather than purchasing multiple, less-efficient printers, consider in investing in one that can accommodate heavy networking demands.

MPS will map out your environment and make sure each employee is connected to a device that best fits their needs for the most efficient, cost-effective working environment.

The Technology is Outdated

Technology is constantly changing. The benefit is devices continue to get better and better; the downfall is within a few years, your device is outdated. While it’s not practical to upgrade your equipment every time an improved model is available, your office needs a printer that can keep up with your own changing needs.

Kali Mogg

Written by Kali Mogg

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