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4 Concerns of Outsourcing Printing

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Printing is one office output that can add up faster than others. Why? Because supplies, toner, excessive use, inappropriate use, and waste all go unnoticed by employers often, driving print costs over budget and requiring extra funds every month.

Some businesses attempt to fix this by outsourcing printing. While it may seem like a good solution at first, the costs of print outsourcing actually start to compound even more when sent offsite.

Luckily, an office equipment vendor will have a few solutions to help. The top two answers are managed print services or in-house production printing, the latter of which we’ll follow here.

Production Print or In-House?

Production print outsourcing is where many print companies drive up costs because they know the value of sending out a project for completion. But what if you could get it in house and save tons of money?

Pros of in-house production printing are that the timeline is your own, you can edit or cancel for free, and there aren’t any hidden fees.

Since hidden fees are what people complain about the most from production print companies, let’s cover a few red flags.

Watch Out Situations

When you are working with a production print company, here are the concerns that may arise. If any of these have happened or are issues for you, it’s a good time to consider switching to in-house production printing.

Concerns to clients:

  1. Cancellation fees on any job – this is something that is free when you oversee your own print operations.
  2. Rising costs without legitimate reasoning – just because you have a high volume of print doesn’t mean it’s okay to increase prices.
  3. Finishing charges – charging for cutting, bundling, and stapling is not necessary!
  4. Not hitting the right number – if you need 200 but the price goes down at 250, you always end up ordering more than you need or paying more.

Avoid Unexpected Charges

Production printing makes sense for any industry that had some red flags at the above hidden costs. Was that you? Then let’s talk.


Written by dcoatney

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