Tom Fender

Senior account executive

Tom Fender joined the Standley Systems team in 2015, but has been in the office equipment and document management industry since 1984. Being involved in the industry for a number of years, Tom has seen a lot of advancement in the technology. It is important to him to keep his clients updated on the new technology in the industry and to help solve their everyday workflow problems.

As a part of the Standley Team, Tom is equipped to offer his clients expert support in every facet of office technology and document management. Tom understands that no one person can know everything, but with a trained, experienced team covering all areas of the business, his clients can rest assured knowing that they are in good hands with people that truly care about them and their business. Tom enjoys working in the community in which he lives and invests.

Tom has been blessed with two grandsons that he enjoys spending countless hours with whenever possible. The oldest grandson is just starting school, and his younger brother will be ready to start school in a few years. Tom has been an active member of the AMBUCS organization since 1980, whose motto is “Creating independence and mobility for people with disabilities.” Aside from his family and community involvement, Tom enjoys woodworking and making things for his two grandsons. To relax, Tom likes to fish. Tom says, “I don’t catch many fish, so it’s pretty relaxing!”


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