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Color is rapidly becoming the standard for high-profile business documents, and organizations are rushing to make it available. Savin is a leader in this new business paradigm, with a full line of color and black & white multifunctional devices. So now you can get the finished documents you need to drive your organization forward: high-quality black & white or stunning full-color, with no drop off in speed or productivity. That’s because the Savin C2525/C3030 & C3535/C4540 Series prints color and black & white documents at the same speeds.* Plus, you get all the tools you need to share your documents the way you want: by print, copy, fax or e-mail. All of this in an easy-to-operate system that includes sophisticated security and impressive finishing options. The results: maximum performance and maximum impact, anywhere in your office.

Copier Color | C3535

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