Law firms need streamlined workflows just like any other business, but are sometimes strangely slow to adopt the most up-to-date technology. This doesn’t make sense – and if you think there are more efficient ways for your firm to operate functionally, you’re probably right.

So where to start? At Standley’s, we recommend starting streamlining business operations with your print environment, because there are opportunities to save money, increase productivity, and build a smoother flow into your office in print first. Also, it’s the low-hanging fruit – easy to fix, fast to see the results.

Here’s how:

Fix Your Print Environment

Get ahead of print issues, build a budget you can understand, and address costs and waste. How is all of that possible? With managed print, which institutes a print audit for your business to understand exactly where your money is going and how your print environment is being used.

With any good answer, once you have the data, you can fix the problem. Print management addresses each issue raised in the print audit with policies, supply oversight, budget management, and more ways of streamlining business operations.

Managed Print Benefits to Law Firms

The benefits are endless, and once you experience a better print environment, you’ll wonder why your firm waited to adopt this simple and significant change.

You’ll see benefits like:

  • Cost savings – No more supply waste or improper purchasing means better cost management.
  • Productivity – Without having multiple staff members trying to troubleshoot print or order supplies (it’s all covered with managed print), everyone can get more out of their hours.
  • Efficient print – Stay ahead of ordering needs, maintenance issues, and more so that your printing always works well, right when you need it to.

How We Help

Your firm is busy, organized, and productive – let us help you get your print environment on board with your office operations. Where to start? Here – contact Standley’s for more info.


Written by dcoatney

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