Saturday, July 26, 2014

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Snapshot Assessment Service

How much energy is your existing office equipment consuming every month? How much is wasted? Could you save money by replacing some pieces? If so, how much?

Our unique Snapshot Assessment Service can give you answers to these timely questions. Use this service to find out how much energy your office equipment consumes and to get a comprehensive strategy for reducing consumption and cutting your operating costs.

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Enterprise Analysis Tool

A 2008 study of businesses in the UK by PriceWaterhouse-Coopers revealed the following key facts:

  • One out of twenty documents is lost
  • Finding a document costs more than $16 in labor charges
  • Misfiling can cost up to $100 per document
  • On average, 19 copies are made of each document
  • Recreating lost documents can consume more than 25 hours

Eliminating those kinds of hidden costs and inefficacies is where Standley’s exclusive Enterprise Analysis Tool comes in. It provides business owners or managers with a realistic overview of the way their offices handle documents.

Based on the information this service yields, our experts can show you how to advance your workflow more efficiently with your existing system or suggest options that will reduce waste and save you time and money.



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